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『Apple considering clamshell iPhone?』というエントリより。

Not quite a clamshell, but a flip-phone. Apple submitted a patent application for something that looks like an iPhone with a flip-phone design and a “dual-sided trackpad device.”


The design would have a touch screen on the top and bottom. Think of it as a RAZR, with a large touch screen on the top and bottom.


The design would eliminate the need for those thick and bulky cases that make your iPhone and iPod Touch look ugly. Though patent submissions don’t always happen, this may be Apple’s jump to make a whole line or iPhones. iPhone… Mini, iPhone… Classic?

 このデザインは厚さを必要としているものを消去するだろう。外見上不格好なiPhoneやiPod touchな筐体をも。この特許がおりたら、AppleにiPhone mini、iPhone Classicをラインナップにのせるかも?

 Appleが特許を申請しているというのが以下の画像。 なかなかいい感じになりそうな予感。





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